Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Yay! I finished

The froggies are finished for now. 
I completed the cross stitch last night, staying up a little later than usual, determined to get them done.
Nelson, Kermit and Trump (I'll let you decide which is which. LOL) have had a wash this morning and are awaiting the final treatment.
I plan to finish them quilt style.
 So, for my next bigger stitch I'll be doing Mirabilias Spring Queen.
I have stitched her before, back in 2007. The same year I started blogging, but it must have been just before I started this journey, as I can find no record of her here on the blog.
However, I did take a photo of my finished queen.
She was then gifted to a friend, something I have always regretted doing. I'm not sure she is treated quite the way she should be.
The new model will receive the correct treatment. :-)
I've had everything kitted up for some time and spent a few minutes this morning making final preparations to begin sewing. She is a rather different shape to the froggies and I had to pull out shorter scroll bars.
It will be nice to work on something feminine again. :-)
Right, time for some domestics, then it's play time.
I may make bitty butterflies, or I may do some Christmas crafts.
What ever I decide, it will be relaxing and fun.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Another Itty Bitty Row.

 I was slicing away yesterday, thinking about how things can change. If you had told me even a year ago that I would be making this quilt, I wouldn't have believed you.
Here I am cutting up pieces of fabric that not too long ago I would have deemed too small and consigned to the rubbish bin. And now I'm cutting them into even smaller pieces! 
 I have a wee tub of pieces cut to make more of the heart/wing blocks I showed previously. I am going to turn them upside down, so they look like butterflies. I did look at that tub yesterday and decided I really couldn't be bothered with the 45 degree thing!! So I got busy and cut tiny pieces for log cabin blocks.
 Then got on with the process of chain piecing.
 And I made me an itty bitty row of cabins.
And that was enough of that.
Besides I had to de fluff the ironing board, for the other kind of pressing!
I may have to take myself on a shopping trip soon. I've had a look through my wee stash and there isn't really anything in there that I might use to sash and border this one. 
I'm sure I will be able to come up with something for a pieced back though. 
While I was digging I came across some charm squares that I had purchased with half a plan in mind. The plan didn't work out, as sometimes happens.
Now I have a new plan.
I think maybe I ought to make a note some place of all the ideas that come to me and which fabrics I might use in order to make them happen.
Of my latest crochet projects, I have a finish and a slow grower. LOL
Pics another time.
My froggies seem to be the speedy project at the moment. Geez, the wee beggars have lots of toes!! Only one pair of eyes left to stitch!
And his head of course.
This is one of those projects that doesn't make a lot of sense up close.
That branch up on which they are sitting is a muddle of browns and the toes are 5 - 6 different colours and the whole thing is a riot of colour as I'm stitching it, but step away for a moment and look from father back and all of a sudden it makes perfect sense.
I'm fairly certain this one will be finished as a fabric backed wall hanging. It is to be gifted and has to go in the mail. I really don't want to put glass in the mail.
I will however have to find just the right quilt hanger!
And I finally decided on my next cross stitch project.....
It's all kitted up ready and waiting.
Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

One last rescue

 Remember in my last post I showed you a picture of some tiny cross stitch pieces I had made into cards for for my Mum?  I was touched that she had kept them and delighted that I had the fortune to find them. They are wonderful mementos of both my Mum and also my very early days of cross stitching. I had done quite a bit of tapestry and needlepoint as a child and teen. Kits were often received as Christmas and birthday gifts. Sadly all of those pieces are now gone. Then there was a break until my second child was due in 1992. There was a new cross stitch magazine on the market and it was advertised on tv while I was pregnant. I went out to look for a copy. I didn't really like that one, but noticed others on the shelf beside it. One had a freebie on the front!  I was hooked!
I didn't have to wait long before the next issue and another freebie came along.
While I can't tell you the exact dates these pieces were stitched, I can confidently say they were all freebies, from magazine fronts.
Sew anyway, I had a look through my scrap bin and tried out a few different fabrics, the original thinking was this layout but all bordered with the same fabric. Nothing seemed to feel right though. Then as I continued to mine through the scraps I came upon a seam of batiks.
Now we're talking. And as they were off cuts from charm squares, I didn't even have to trim much away.
Unfortunately one piece required a little addition! But I can live with that.
 Then I wondered what to do next and remembered a neutral Bali pop that Tony had gifted to me a few Christmases ago. When I pulled it out I discovered some off cuts tucked into the back of the open packet. (I cannot for the life of me think where I used these fabrics). and again, there was just enough to add a little to each side of the colourful pieces and three pieces to join them all top to bottom.
Then back into my pop I went and found the same design but in a slightly darker colour way. 
 Enough to border the whole thing and a final two very similar slices to add binding. 
The back is just a piece of boring beige fabric.
I quilted it using my walking foot and some of the pretty vine stitches on my sewing machine. 
I didn't want anything too much, just simple stitches to show case the tiny designs I had stitched for my Mum. 
The addition of the hanger and it is almost complete. One day I'll make a hand sewn label  that explains the piece.  It is a little too big to hang with my other recent rescue and refinish jobs.
So has a space of its very own in my quilting room.
I'm delighted with it. Sweet but simple.
For those of you who are waiting.......
A froggie update.
This first picture was taken on Sunday morning. 
I did get to stitch on Sunday evening for a while.
Then after I had finished with the wall hanging on Monday, I stitched until Tony came home and then again after dinner.
Sometimes a cross stitch project can seem to drag on and on. So it's nice to take and date progress pictures then I can see the difference made in a session or two. The first half of this piece did seem to draw out a little, not so this second half! 
Today, after I do the domestics, that middle frog will get his eye!
Maybe today I'll make another row of the bitty quilt too. But if I'm going to do that I need to put the lap top down and get on with my day!

Have fun today, what ever you choose or have to do.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Slow Sunday.

I've been doing some more rescue work.
This first piece was originally stitched for mum. I'm not sure when as I didn't sign or date it.
It was another of those pieces I had amateurishly framed in a £1 store frame and was falling apart as we packed up her house.
I threw the frame but rescued my stitching. And today I came across it while searching for some off cuts of aida for another project. I mounted it onto a board covered in batting. Then added a padded back board too before adding the pink ric-rac and pretty ribbons. 
It's now hanging with some good company in my quilting room.
They will soon be joined by some other smaller pieces I stitched for mum. I think they were mostly birthday or mothers day cards. Again I can only guess at the dates.
LOL With one obvious exception! 
 One piece I have already re finished. This lovely lady was a Christmas card and is now an ornament for my tree.  The other four pieces I think will all be finished together as a single project. I just need to figure out the how. That's a job for tomorrow.
Still on the Christmas theme, I've been busy stitching and finishing a few ornaments.
These two designs are from mini kits produced by Orchidea.
They are perhaps a tad on the small side for the 4 inch hoop, but that's ok.
 I finished them with a layer of felt across the backs.
I want to make a few more of these and have things all set up ready.
Tonight though I'll be back onto my froggies. They are growing pretty fast, but will grind to a halt if I allow my self to be side tracked by other things.
Right, better go cook some food.